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Soteng CNC Wonderful exhibitors CCMT 2012

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        Soteng CNC Wonderful exhibitors CCMT2012,China CNC Machine Tool Fair (CCMT), organized by the China Machine Tools Industry Association, It is one of China's machine tool industry brand exhibition, The exhibition is a fine blend of the General Assembly, High technical content.Soteng CNC company is specialized in CNC Controller systems,Drive power,Industrial robot development, Production and sales of private enterprises.

        Through a strong R & D capabilities, Comprehensive technology leader in the world in the manufacturing sector and the social production user Excellent quality CNC products. The development of the company more than ten years, Has formed a CNC system supporting, CNC transformation, Industrial robotic applications, The CNC technology personnel training and other the CNC industry specialization layout, China CNC industry product range, Highest grade, One of the fastest growing companies.

        1999, The Soteng CNC National Machine Tool Quality Supervision and Inspection Center detection,The first "National Accreditation Certificate” And identified as "National New Product"; March 2003, The Soteng CNC all styling products by Sichuan Province Electronic Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center detection, All products have passed 4000V surge Burst test, Anti-interference ability is much higher than the domestic and international standards.2004, 2005, The Soteng CNC National Machine Tool Quality Supervision and Inspection Center detection,All indicators are one-time pass.

        In early 2005,Wide and Thailand have been extensively developed and adjusted, Has formed an annual output of various types of numerical control system of more than 10,000 units, Drive power more than 30,000 units of production capacity, And passed the identification of the more than 40 well-known machine tool plant.

        Quality products,Efficient service,Affordable price,Must win the majority of user acceptance and favor. Soteng CNC products are used in more than twenty provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, Deeply rooted in the country's well-known enterprises and listed companies. The main users are: CAC Group,Group Chengfa, Into the Engineering Group,Group Mindanao firewood,Two-group,The Oe Group,Galaxy Group,Ronchi Group,Mike Audi GroupShares TIANXING,Country light Shares,Guangzhou Machine,Shenyang Machine,Shenyang three machines,Qinghai machine,Shanghai Instrumentation machine,Guilin Machine ToolHanchuan Machine Tool,Kanmen machine tools,Machine tools lanxi,Anyang Machine Tool,Deron machine tools,Lunan Machine Tool,Zigong Changzheng Machine Tool,Jinan machine,Changchun machine tools,Hong Kong JIASHUN machine tools,Qiqihar Second machines,Changsha Jinling machine,Yuhuan aviation machine tools,Zigong Cemented Carbide plant,NingJiang Machinery Factory,Aviation hydraulic Factory,3302 factory,204 plants,354 factory and so many military and civilian enterprises.

        The purpose of Soteng CNC is Advanced technology Serve Manufacturing and social production in all areas; Creating international brands, Image of national industries to high-tech tree is our responsibility. Soteng CNC solid pace, Actively cooperate closely with major machine tool plant,Powerful combination, The introduction of domestic boutique series of CNC machine tools, The higher the price, Perfect quality assurance and after-sales service system, Play an important role in promoting the development of China's manufacturing industry.