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Win Fifty million CNC systems orders

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  • Time:2013-05-02 10:45:11

        Win Fifty million CNC systems orders:According to reports,On the Shenzhen a few days ago held The high-tech of China International, on the the Achievements Trade Fair of, From Sichuan, SoTeng CNC Technology Co., Limited With the Shandong, a large machine tools production enterprises to signed the Agreement, In the a term of three years commencing of cooperation between the two sides, The former will provide CNC controller systems total of 50 million yuan for The latter who will use to production CNC machine tools.

        It is reported that this times exhibitors the Sichuan Province delegation made a good start, Including the signing of the CNC products supporting the project, Opening of the exhibition on the first day They signed the contract of the first batch of a total amount of 600 million yuan.