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TECHNICAL FEATURE of CNC controller systems 150IM-II

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CNC Systems constructions
●  32 bits high performance, low power consumption industrial grade ARM microprocessor
●  64MB memory
●  32MB user store room
●  640x480 8.4 inch real color LCD displayer
●  Touch screen main and sub panel
●  High anti-jamming switch power
●  USB-disk interface
●  RS232 interface
●  Programmable I/O 118X46
●  Spindle servo speed control/spindle frequency conversion speed control
●  Manual pulse generator
2.2 CNC Systems technical parameter
  ●  controllable axes: X, Y, Z, A, B five axes
●  simultaneous axes: Arc 2-3 axes, liner 2-5 axes.
  ●  pulse equivalent: X, Y, Z, A, B axes: 0.001mm
  ●  max speed: X, Y, Z, A, B: 60000mm/min
  ●  cutting speed: 1-20000mm/min
  ●  min input unit: 0.001mm
  ●  program size range: ± 99999.999
  ●  99 tools management
  ●  umbrella type and turn-plate type tool magazines are available
  ●  program code: ISO-840 international standard
  ●  program coordinate system definition: ISO-841
  ●  mean time between failure(MTBF): more than 5000 hours
  ●  cabinet protection complies with regulation of IP54
2.3 CNC Systems function
2.3.1 Auto-diagnosis function:
All around diagnosis of CPU, memory, LCD, I/O interface, parameter status, coordinates, machining program etc. shall execute when the system starts or resets. In operation, it makes real time diagnosis for power supply, spindle, limit and all I/O interface.
2.3.2 Compensation function:
●   automatic backlash compensation
●   tool length automatic compensation
●   tool radius automatic compensation
●   tool radius automatic offset and sharp angle transition
●   leading screw pitch error automatic compensation
2.3.3 Abundant instruction system:
●   scaling up/down instruction
●   mirror machining instruction
●   multiple tool offset instruction
●   program cycle, jump, call and different program ending
●   multiple positioning instruction: starting point, setting fixed point, etc.
●   linear, circular, spiral line interpolation instruction
●   program management instructions: program cycle, call, transfer and different
    program ending method, etc.
●   6 work coordinate system and 4 reference points
2.3.4 Chinese/English menu, full screen edition:
    Easy operation, convenient viewing
2.3.5 Abundant debugging functions:
it can point out clearly what errors of operation are and guide to correct them.
2.3.6 Program exchange between CNC system and IBM/PC series compatible computer
Apply CAD/CAM/CAPP auxiliary programming by using PC series compatible computer's abundant software resources, then transfer the CNC program into CNC controller systems through (USB-disc port,  RS232 port. Likewise it also can transfer the program from system to PC through communication port.