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CNC Systems Multi-task parallel processing

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(1) CNC multi-tasking.CNC systems usually as a separate process for the control unit Used for the production of industrial automation,Therefore, the system software must complete two major tasks of management and control.The management part of the system includes an input, I / O processing, display and diagnostics.The CNC controller  systems section includes decoding tool compensation, the speed of processing, interpolation and position control.

(2) the concept of parallel processing.Parallel processing means Computer at the same time or in the same time interval Completion of the work of two or more same or different nature.The most significant advantage is parallel processing to improve the operation speed.Take the n-bit serial arithmetic and n-bit parallel computing to compare.In the case of the same element processing speed,The latter operation speed is almost increased by n times the former.

(3) time-sharing of resources.In the single-CPU CNC systems,CPU time-sharing principles to solve the multi-task while running.Generally speaking,In the use of time-sharing parallel processing computer system,The first problem to be solved each task the CPU-time allocation principles,And there are two meanings: one is when each task is occupied by the CPU; The second is the length of time to allow each task CPU-intensive.

(4) duplication of resources water treatment.When the CNC system in NC,The conversion process of data input by the part program,Interpolation provisions (including decoding, tool compensation, and speed of processing), interpolation, position control 4 sub-processes.