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CNC Systems Real-time interrupt handling

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Another important feature of the CNC controller systems software Real-time interrupt handling.CNC multi-tasking and real-time Determines the system interrupt Become an important part of the entire system is essential. CNC systems interrupt management depends mainly on hardware,The system interrupt structure determines the structure of the system software.The interrupt type,External interrupts,Internal timer interrupt,Hardware failure interruption and procedural interrupt.

(1) external interrupt.Mainly photoelectric paper tape reader read the hole interrupt,External monitor interrupt (such as emergency stop, measuring instruments in place)And keypad input interrupt.The first two interrupt demanding real-time,Usually these two interrupt on a higher priority,Keyboard and operator panel input interrupt theOn the lower interrupt priority.In some systems,Even query the way to handle it.

(2) Internal timer interrupt. The interpolation cycle timer interrupt and location of the sampling timer interrupt. In some systems, the two timer interrupt combined. Processing, always deal with the position control, and then deal with the interpolation operation.

(3) hardware failure interruption. It is the various hardware fault detection device to interrupt, memory error, timer error, interpolation operation timeout.

(4) procedural interrupt. It is a program in a variety of unusual circumstances alarm interrupt, such as various overflow cleared.