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System Technical Features of CNC Systems-60TT

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CNC Systems Structure

high performance industrial grade 32 bits ARM + FPGA


  32M user storage

  320x240 LCD

  Touch screen style main and subpanel

  High anti-jamming switch power

  USB movable U disc copy interface

  RS232 interface

  Dual spindle frequency conversion speed control


CNC Controller Systems Technical Parameter

  Controllable axes: XZ

  linkage axes: 2 axes.

  Pulse equivalent: 0.001mm

  Max speed: 20000mm/min

  cutting speed1-10000mm/min

  min input unit0.001mm

  program size range:± 99999.999

  program code : comply with ISO-840 International standard

  program coordinate system definitionISO-841

  mean time between failure(MTBF)more than 5000 hours

  System box protection grades comply with IP54

System function

Self-diagnosis function

All-around diagnosis of CPU, storer, LCD, I/O interface, parameter status, coordinates, machining program etc once start or reset system. During running, do real-time diagnosis of power, spindle, limit and all I/O interface.

Compensation function

   automatic backlash compensation

   tool length automatic compensation

   tool radius automatic compensation

   tool radius automatic offset and sharp angle transition

   leading screw pitch error automatic compensation

Abundant instruction system

   multiple tool offset instruction

   program cycle, jump, calling and different program ending treatment instructions

   multiple fixed point instruction: starting pointsetting point, etc.

   linear interpolation, arc interpolation ,multi-group cycle instruction

  Program management instruction such as program cycle, calling, transfer and different

program ending treatment method, etc.

Chinese/English menu, full screen edition

 Menu pattern operation interface and dialogue-box type data insertion.  Easy operation and visual viewing

Abundant debugging functions

Clearly point out error characteristic and guide to correct them.

Program convey between CNC system and IBM/PC series compatible computer

it can conduct CAD/CAM/CAPP auxiliary programming by using abundant software resources  of PC series compatible computer, then transfer the CNC program into the system to machining throughUSB movable U disc copy port,RS232 port.Likewise it also can transfer the program from system to PC through communication port.

System operation condition

Power supplying

AC 220V(+10/-15), Frequency 50Hz±2. Power: 100W.

Noteit must use isolating transformer to supply power with first input:380V

Climate Condition

Operation condition: temperature 045,relative Humidity 30-95

Storage &transportation temperature:-4055,relative humidity<93(40)

Atmosphere pressure:86-106kpa

Operation environment:

No excessive flour dust, no acid, no alkali gas and explosive gas, no strong

electromagnetic interference.