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CRP Robot Integrated Application

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         CRP Robot Integrated Application.

         CRP Automation Tech Co., Ltd has been engaged in the research and development of robotics and control systems in Chengdu, China for 15 years. The factory is located in the technical industrial park of Wuhou District, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province.

         Comparing with rigid manipulator, flexible manipulator has the characteristics of light structure, high load/weight ratio, so it has low energy consumption, large operating space and high efficiency. Its response is fast and accurate, and it has many potential advantages. It occupies a very important position in industry, national defense and other application fields. With the rapid development of aerospace industry and robotics industry, more and more flexible manipulators are developed. A flexible multi-body system consisting of several flexible members is adopted. The traditional analysis and control methods of multi-rigid-body dynamics can not meet the requirements of dynamic analysis and control of Multi-flexible-body system. As a very simple non-trivial Multi-flexible-body system, flexible manipulator is widely used as a research model of Multi-flexible-body system.

         Safety production is the most important business activities of enterprises. Safety supervision departments have the right of veto for the implementation of any project. Therefore, after determining the process layout, it is necessary to analyze the hazard sources and risk factors in the running state of the equipment. For the establishment of single machine welding workstation, the emerging hazards mainly come from two parts: one is that the welding process personnel enter the welding workstation by mistake, resulting in robot collision or arc damage to the eyes; the other is that the rotation process of workstation 1 and workstation 2 switching workstation will cause harm to the personnel.