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CNC Systems for Milling and Machine Center(350iMa)

CNC Systems for Milling and Machine Center(350iMa)

CNC Systems Model : GREAT-350iMa 1) Tested in markets more than 4 years, very stable and reliable ; start to introduce to overseas market since year 2015 2) high compatibility withFanuc 0i-mate sereis in function and operation principles as well; which will be easier for our customers who are usedto operation of Fanuc CNC system.

CNC Control System Kit- 350iMa:
GUNT-350iMa  is a new product upgraded from GUNT-150iM(including software and hardware).New Advanced Modular design and structure, greatly enhanced anti-interference ability and improved its reliability in harsh factory environment. Its structure is divided into horizontal and vertical type. With 8” TFT colorful LCD, 5 feed axes and 2 analog spindles. The minimum command unit is 0.1um. It has graphic auxiliary programming, PLC ladder on-line display and real-time monitoring. As an upgraded product of GUNT-150iM , GUNT-350iMa CNC System is the best choice for CNC milling machine and CNC machine center upgrade. 


Milling and Machine Center CNC System---350iMa

Motion control




Control axes: 5 axes (X,Y,Z,4th,5th); linkage axes: 3axes

Interpolation mode: linear, circular arc, thread,ellipse, parabola, rigid tapping ;

2ms interpolation period and accuracy arrive to 1um, can set as 0.1um.

Max.rapid traverse speed:60m/min; Max.cutting speed :30m/min

Feed rate override: 16-level real-time adjustment from 0-150%

Thread function: equal pitch straight thread/taper thread/end face thread, variable pitch straight thread types and thread retraction length, angle, speed can be set.

Pre acceleration/deceleration: the acceleration/deceleration after interpolation can select the linear or S type, and the acceleration/deceleration time constant can be set by parameter

MST function

M function can be specified by address M , M function can be user-defined.

Analog voltage output of 0v-10v in two channels ,support two spindles.

Real-time adjustment of spindle rate and spindle encoder resolution can be set

Adapted servo spindle can realize spindle continuous positioning, rigid and flexible tapping

T and 4 digits select the tool ; Tool offset value setting; Tool length compensation ;tool nose radius compensation (C type);tool wearing compensation;

support various magazine like carousel type, Disc type, Chain type ,servo type or other specials.

Automatic compensation

backlash compensation,pitch error compensation;tool length compensation,tool radius compensation

Reliability and safety

State signals: emergency stop, overtravel ,stroke limit,servo ready signal, automatic run start light signal ,automatic running signal, feed hold light signal.

Self-diagnosis function: signal abnormity, system abnormity,servo abnormity, position control abnormity, spindle abnormity and so on.

NC alarm:program error, operation error, overtravel error, servo error, PLC error, memory error

Operation function




Operation mode: edit, auto, MDI, machine zero return,MPG/step, Manual ,DNC,single block,Dry run, MST lock, program restart, MPG/step/Manual interruption; Machine lock, interlock, feed hold ,cycle start, emergency stop, external reset signal.external power ON/OFF.Program zero-return, Multi-level operation authorization management


horizontal installation / vertical installation :8 inch 800x600 TFT LCD display unit ;

Display in Chinese/English/Spanish language

PLC function

Open PLC,supplying secondary PLC software development; built-in 48x32 IO ports and I/O real-time diagnosis ,users can edit IO logic to meet different requirements.


DNC/USB function

support RS-232 serial port, USB and network interface , can realize data transfer, DNC machining and USB on-line machining function

Optional drive unit

GT Series digital AC servo drives or 17bit/23bit absolute servos


Packing and delivery: 



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