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CNC System for Lathe(130iTe Mini)

CNC System for Lathe(130iTe Mini)

CNC Systems for Lathe Model ---130iTC Specification: CNC Systems 130iTC is a popular lathe CNC systems with new software and hardware design. It can control 2 feeding axes, 2 simultaneously controlled axes. 8" TFT colorful LCD display; It can be matched with all chinese made AC servo driver, but also with Panasonic, Yaskawa servo drivers; 130iTC is suitable for economy CNC Lathe.

Product Description:

SOTENG China Cheap Price Mini Lathe CNC Controller adopts CPU with 32 bits 400MHz ARM high capacity industrial grade composing a control core, and achieves the μm level accuracy motion control. It is characterized by multiple functions, Cheap and old CNC Controller models, stable and easy operation; Good Choice for small instrumental lathe machine or economical type lathe,drilling machine.




Technical Specification: 

SOTENG China Cheap Price Mini Lathe CNC Controller

32-bit high performance low power industrial grade microprocessor, 400MHz CPU speed, realizing high speed ,high accuracy controlling.
Controllable axes: 2-4axes, can control lathe, Turn-milling combined machine tool and axis name can be user defined
7 inch TFT display unit ,800x600
New Advanced Modular design and structure,greatly enhanced anti-interference ability and improved its reliability in harsh factory environment.
2ms interpolation period and accuracy arrive to 1um, can set as 0.1um.
Max. Rapid transferring speed up to 60m/min; Max.cutting speed up to 30m/min
Program prefetch function, realizing smooth connectivity of program blocks
Screw pitch error compensation, improve machine tool accuracy to the most
USB portable disk drive interface and RS232 communication port, providing DNC transmission and expand storage capacity.
Pendant MPG and boarded MPG are optional for different demand needs
Full-screen editing interface, foreground and background operation platform, can easily do programming or parameter adjustment during machining process ; Graphic function , can preview tool path on the screen in two-dimensional and three-dimensional mode or do simulation operation,the drawing can be magnifying ,zooming, scaling or rotating freely and switched each other. 
Multilevel password protection , programs, parameters were well protected and bring convenience to site management of equipment.
Single or Continuous mode can be freely switched each other during machining
Machining from any block or any tool number are available 
Spindle speed and feeding speed can be adjusted in real-time
Compatible with international standard G codes
Linear, S shape acceleration and deceleration controlling ,front acceleration and deceleration controlling, program prefetch function and smoothness treatment function, bring to high speed and high accuracy machining purpose.
Open PLC ,supplying secondary PLC software development; built-in 48x32 IO ports ,users can edit IO logic to meet different requirements.
Abundant software controlling function: macro programs, additional workpiece coordinate system, parameter and program password protective function.
Support various tool post like electrical, hydraulic, servo type tool post
Configure servo spindle unit, realizing spindle C-axis indexing function(T)
Support 17bit absolute encoder servo motors , greatly improve high speed and high accuracy controlling.


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